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ARC has been extremely busy with new adoptees, both cats and dogs. With the increase in adoptees we have higher operating expenses for food, veterinary services and general supplies. Donations can be sent to ARC PO BOX 393 Carroll, IA 51401.

If you love and care for animals please consider becoming a foster home for one of the pets at Animal Rescue of Carroll. Call 712-790-9116 and leave a message if you are willing to help and we will call you back with more information. Thank you.

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Animal Rescue of Carroll

We are in need of gift card donations to Bomgaars. This will help buy supplies like dog and cat food.

Proudly serving Carroll County, Iowa....Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Whether you're just taking a stroll, or looking for your new forever friend, we welcome you to join us in our journey to help save the lives of unwanted pets.

Since it's start in 2006, Animal Rescue of Carroll has re-homed more than 1700 pets! Please visit our pages and find out how you can help continue on our journey and save lives.

We are in need of quality cat food and beds for our cats!

Adopt a pet

See a pet your interested in adopting, fill out an application:

Adoption Process

The following outlines the process for adopting a pet that is being sponsored by ARC:

  • Fill out and submit Adoption Application to ARC. Please remember an application DOES NOT guarantee adoption. ARC can take several applications for each pet. It is not a first come- first serve basis. Each pet has it's own personality and needs and ARC is working to put it in the best environment for it.
  • Applicants will meet pet they are interested in adopting.
  • After applicant is approved, arrangement for adoption will be made. This includes signing the ARC contract.

Typical Adoption Fees

(partially based on the amount of vet work required for each animal):

Dogs $100 - $200
Cats $75

What's included in the adoption fee?

The dog/cat adoption fee covers the cost of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, preventative testing, and a microchip. It will also help cover any additional vet work that may be required if an animal is injured or sick when entering rescue.

Vet work for dogs includes:

Spay/Neuter Surgery- mandatory before adoption
Vaccinations: distemper combo, kennel cough, rabies
Heartworm check
Flea and Heartworm Preventative

Vet work for cats includes:

Spay/Neuter Surgery- mandatory before adoption
Vaccinations: distemper combo, rabies
FELV testing
Flea Preventative

**No animal is ever adopted without being spayed/neutered. We strive to do our part to fight over pet population.

Interested in Fostering? We need you!

Taking care of animals while they are waiting for their new homes is a very rewarding experience.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Is everyone in my house ready to welcome another or new pet into the home?

2. Do I know if I or anyone living in the house has allergies to animals?

3. Does my current pet(s) get along with other animals?

4. Am I prepared to work with the new pet on any issues that it may have to prepare it for adoption?

5. Am I prepared emotionally for when the animal is adopted?

6. Am I willing to foster the animal for as long as it is available for adoption?

Think you're ready? Fill out the Contact form or click here to download the forms.

Do you have a pet you need to rehome? Click here